Live Music.

Grooveo is a free to use platform that allows anyone
to broadcast live DJ sets from anywhere in the world.

Grooveo is all about the
exchange of love
between artists and fans

Tools for an Artist

You've got enough on your plate while performing,
let us help you manage your stream with ease.

  • Unique Tools for Fan Engagement
  • Interactive Chat with Fans
  • Real Time Metrics & Analytics

Broadcast from anywhere

Share your live DJ sets from anywhere with our easy to use platform.

Unique Tools for Fan Engagement

Thank your fans with just one click or chat with them.

Direct Donations from Fans

Track and see whose sending you support via donations and promotions.

Web & IOS

Stream on your comuter or on the go.

Real Time Metrics

See your view counts, wallet, shares, and more.

Cross Platform Sharing & Tracking

Share your stream with ease.

Features for the Community

01. Discover

Explore and discover new music & talented artists.

02. Watch Live

Watch your favorite artist live and bookmark the groove to watch it again and again.

03. Live Chat

Connect with the community and share your passion for the music.

04. Donate

It's your chance to show your appreciation to your favorite artist.

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