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I wonder if you are really reading this. Whatever. 35 year old DJ Psychofrakulator grew up in Germany, during the first big Rave and Techno craze. You are really reading? Just asking. Influenced by legends like Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Felix Da Housecat or Armand van Helden, Psychofrakulator’s sets never sound the same. He’s maybe not one of those DJs with a super awesome 12 deck button mashing live remix technique, but if you are looking for sets that are fun and not just an endless string of always the same sounding tracks you came to the right blablabla we get it, he is great and if he would suck, he would totally tell you. Why don’t you just listen to some of his stuff? You probably do already, because I’m damn sure that you are not reading this. Hell, not even I would read this! And I wrote it!